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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have created a central resources hub for Health Professionals which hosts all of our CRUK resources and further materials to help with managing the pandemic. We are updating the information as guidance changes. There is also a page specifically for patients on our about cancer hub.

Health Professional COVID-19 and Cancer Hub

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An improvement in outcomes for patients and the experiences of healthcare professionals is core to the ACE Programme.

Below you can read personal stories of how our work has improved the lives of healthcare professionals working with those with cancer.  

ACE continues to gather first hand stories and will update this page regulary.

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Samixa's Story

Samixa was involved with the London MDC project as a patient representative from February 2018 to October 2019. She was not a patient, but her own cancer experience led her to be involved. She was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in May 2012.

‘’I feel the MDC pathway could have saved me 7 months of anxiety and not knowing what was wrong with me as well as going to different consultation and test appointments’’

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