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Our application and award process consists of three main stages which are all completed using our online grants management system, Flexi-Grant.

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An overview of the application process

1. Apply online

  • Unless stated otherwise in the scheme-specifc guidelines, applications for funding are submitted using our online grants management system.
  • Your application needs to be approved by the your Host Institution before it's submitted to us.
  • We review and content check the applications to ensure the funding committee has all the information they need to make a decision.
  • If applicable to that particular funding scheme, the application will be peer reviewed.

2. Funding decision made

  • Once a decision is made you will receive feedback on your application.
  • If you are successful you will be issued with a Grant Award Letter.
  • You will then need to accept the award in Flexi-Grant.
  • Your Host Institution will also need to accept the award.
  • Finally you will need to activate the award.

3. After your grant has been awarded

  • You will be required to submit annual reports to us based on the requirements of the particular scheme.
  • Your Host Institution will use Flexi-Grant to submit Financial Reconciliations and view remittance information.
  • You and your host Institutions can request equipment claims.

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Guide to filling in your application form

Read detailed instructions for each stage of the online grant application process.

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How to make a successful application

Read advice from our research funding team on how to make a successful grant application at any level.

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