How you can campaign to beat cancer

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Key decisions on preventing, diagnosing and accessing cancer treatments lie in the hands of the governments across the 4 UK nations.

As a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador, you’ll help driving improvements for cancer in your community. You'll have a keen interest in politics and a drive to build positive relationships with your local politicians to make change happen.

There’s a range of activities you’ll take to influence your politicians to tackle cancer. The most common actions are:

Writing to your local politician.

Meeting local politicians in person or online.

Collecting petition signatures.

Sharing political campaigns on social media.

Activities are flexible and are mostly done from home and locally. You'll receive all the training and support you need.

Short on time? Become an E-campaigner

Influencing Government can be as easy as clicking a button! 

Make sure your politicians prioritise cancer. Join over 40,000 online campaigners saving lives by taking political actions online - it only takes a few minutes a month. 

These quick and easy activities include signing petitions and emailing your local politicians.

Each month, you'll receive an email with a quick and easy online action you can take to influence the Government.

Every action helps to beat cancer. 

Use your voice to speak out on cancer issues important to you.

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