Successful applicant case studies

Hear from a selection of our researchers about their research, their career paths, and their experience of applying for funding and of being a part of the CRUK research community.

In addition to discovering more about the breadth of research that we fund across cancer research fields, and the depth of support that we provide to enable investigators to develop their independent research groups, you'll find advice from successful applicants on the application process.

Featured case studies

Serena Nik-Zainal: Choosing a CRUK Fellowship

We awarded Serena an Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship to decipher the mutational signatures that occur in cancer cells. Here she explains why she chose CRUK to further her career.

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Creating a genomic map of the immune response

Immunologist Dr Sarah Teichmann and cancer researcher Dr Jacqui Shields are combining expertise to create a map of the immune response against cancer using single cell genomics.

Bubbles, ultrasound and radiotherapy: creating a new approach to drug delivery

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford are sharing their respective expertise to unlock exciting new approaches in chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Sergio Quezada: complete support with a CRUK fellowship

Sergio tells us why he chose a CRUK Career Development Fellowship, and the opportunities he has had since moving to the UK to build innovative collaborations with clinical impact.

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