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Support vital research with a philanthropic gift

Philanthropy has been at the heart of some of our greatest research achievements.

We define philanthropy as any gift over £10,000. If you're able to support us with a gift of this size, you could have a profound impact on the way we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

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120 years of life-saving discoveries

Generations of scientists have dedicated their careers to making breakthroughs that are improving the lives of people facing cancer around the globe. But our best work is yet to come.

New technologies, big data and multidisciplinary science are allowing our global community of researchers to do things that even five years ago would have been impossible. We have a huge opportunity to understand more about the disease than ever before.

Will you help us continue to make discoveries, drive progress and bring hope to millions affected by cancer? 

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Our fundraising priorities

We partner with philanthropists to fund a range of innovative activities across Cancer Research UK. Our dedicated team of philanthropy experts will help you choose the right destination for your gift. Below are just some of the cutting-edge initiatives that you can help fund today.  

The Francis Crick Institute

Aerial photo of the Francis Crick Institute

The Crick is our flagship research institute in London, where more than 2,000 researchers and support staff use their multi-disciplinary expertise to explore biology from all angles.

From studying molecular and cellular biology, to viruses and entire organisms, the scientists here don't limit the direction of their work. Together, we're learning more about how life works to better manage disease and generate economic opportunities for the UK.


Major gifts make major breakthroughs

Read about some of the biggest advances in cancer research funded by our generous philanthropists and partners.