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Creating a lasting tribute

Remember a loved one by setting up a personalised tribute page that friends and family can donate to.

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What is a Tribute Fund?

A Cancer Research UK Tribute Fund is an online memorial that you can create and personalise in memory of a loved one. In a time when it's more difficult to be physically together, it’s a place for you to remember and celebrate the life of someone who's special to you.

Whether you're organising funeral collections or creating a lasting tribute, a Tribute Fund is an easy and simple way to fundraise in your loved one's memory while helping us beat cancer.

Pay in funeral collections

Collecting donations at a funeral is a powerful way to remember a loved one. Pay in collections from a loved one’s funeral or memorial service and help make a difference to beating cancer.

How to set up a tribute page

1. Enter your details

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Enter a few simple details, create a log in password and choose an area of research you wish to support.

Create tribute page

2. Personalise your page


Make the page personal to you by uploading a photo and story about your loved one to the page. 

3. Share with others


Invite your family and friends to make a donation and share memories of your loved one.

Featured fund

Alan set up a tribute fund as a way to remember his wife Irene who he lost to cancer and raised a total of £34,261.

All I want is to keep just one person from going through what Irene did and I know that her legacy will help others to beat cancer.

We're here for you

Get in touch if you have any questions around setting up a tribute page or want to speak to us about remembering a loved one.

By phone:  0300 123 1022
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