A history of these pages

The About Cancer pages began life as CancerHelp UK, one of the first comprehensive cancer websites based in the UK. 

Editorial policy

This is the editorial policy for producing and reviewing health and patient information for Cancer Research UK's About Cancer web pages. 

Clinical trials database editorial policy

This document sets out the editorial policy for the production of information on our clinical trials database.

Clinical trials database pro forma

This page tells you about the different sections on our clinical trials database, and the information included in each one.

Style guide for health and patient information pages

This is the style guide for Cancer Research UK's pages on health and patient information. It includes information about inclusive language, plain English and tone of voice.

How we keep our information up to date

The Patient Information Web team and expert reviewers regularly check and revise all the patient information on the website. 

Lay review guidelines

Cancer Research UK's About cancer information is written for the general public and for people with cancer and their family and friends. Find out how you can help us to develop and improve the information.  

Writer guidelines

Cancer Research UK’s health and patient information style guide is based on the principles of plain English. We use reputable sources to keep our information up to date. 

Checklist for information production and review

See our checklist for producing patient information pages for the Cancer Research UK website.

Last reviewed: 
29 Dec 2023
Next review due: 
27 Dec 2024