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We want to bring about a world where everybody lives longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer. And thanks to your support, we’re able to fund some of the world’s best scientists to carry out cutting-edge research that saves and improves lives every day. In this report, you can read about the progress we’ve made together this year and how we spent the money we received to achieve it. You can download the report but if you’re looking for a quick summary of where your support goes, this page has got you covered.

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We emerged from the pandemic in a strong position, and with our new strategy, we went into this year with optimism about new opportunities and what we could achieve together – and we made great progress in the face of significant challenges. I want to say a huge thank you to all our supporters for making this possible.
      Michelle Mitchell OBE, Chief Executive

Our income

annual income graphic

We can only achieve our mission to beat cancer thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters, volunteers and partners. 

In 2022/23, we raised a total of £719m. This includes:  

  • £490m from fundraising, including £261m in legacies 

  • £127m from trading activities such as our shops 

  • £9m from our portfolio of investments 

  • £93m from royalties and grants, including our share of sales from innovations developed from our research. 

Our expenditure

annual expenditure graphic

Every pound is important. That’s why we carefully decide where best to spend our money to power progress for people affected by cancer.

In 2022/23, our annual expenditure was £641m. This includes:

• £398m committed to research

• £27m on information and influencing work

• £109m raising donated income and managing our investments

• £107m running our shops and other trading activity.

Our annual research activity

In 2022/23, we spent £415m on new and ongoing research. This includes: 

  • £176m on research projects focused on specific cancer types 

  • £89m relevant to all types of cancer (eg research infrastructure and research studies looking at cancer survivorship)  

  • £83m on basic research understanding the fundamental biology of cancer  

  • £40m on research admin and support costs (eg peer review, grant management, IT and other support costs) 

  • £27m on revenue shares (share of royalties from sales of innovations developed from our research, which we passed on to others) 

In 2022/23, we spent £18.7m on research specific to cancers that affect 0–24-year-olds, making us the biggest charitable funder of research into children’s and young people’s cancers. 

Our annual spend on specific cancer type research

Annual research activity infographic

In 2022/23 we spent £176m on research projects focused on specific cancer types. Here’s how that breaks down for spend per cancer type.

£23m lung 

£21m colon and rectal 

£20m breast 

£16m leukaemia 

£12m brain 

£12m other 

£11m pancreatic 

£9m prostate 

£7m oesophageal 

£6m ovarian 

£5m kidney 

£5m non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 

£5m melanoma 

£4m liver 

£4m myeloma 

£3m sarcoma 

£2m pharyngeal 

£2m bladder 

£1m neuroblastoma 

£1m cervical 

£1m Hodgkin’s lymphoma 

£1m oral cavity and lip 

£1m laryngeal 

£1m stomach 

£1m thyroid 

£1m endometrial 

£1m anal 










Pence in the pound

Spending infographic

In 2022/23, for every £1 you donated, 82p was available to beat cancer. The amount available varies from year to year, but we aim to keep it around the 80p mark.

We don’t include our trading activities in this calculation, as our shops operate like other retail businesses, raising funds through selling merchandise. This also shows you the impact of your donations and means you can easily compare us with other charities that don’t have retail shops.

Chief Executive and staff salaries

We know it’s important for you to know how we spend your donations. We’re transparent in all areas of our work.  

Our Chief Executive, Michelle Mitchell OBE, was paid £254,900 base salary between April 2022 and March 2023. 

As the world’s leading cancer charity, dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information, we need to attract and retain high-performing people. The salaries we pay reflect individual responsibilities and performance, whilst ensuring the best use of your donations. 

We employ people to help us achieve our vision of a world where everyone can live longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer. For a more detailed breakdown of staff pay, please see page 141 of our Annual Report and Accounts.(PDF).

More information

Teams of experts collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, along with the research community, to translate scientific discoveries into cutting-edge therapies. Find out more about how we partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies here.

The host institution list is an analysis of grant costs by host institution which forms part of our audited accounts.

Some of our scientists serve on our grant-making committees and lead research projects that receive grant funding from Cancer Research UK during the year.


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