Tests and scans

Find out about tests to diagnose cancer and monitor it during and after treatment, including what each test can show, how you have it and how to prepare.

Signs and symptoms of cancer

Find out about key symptoms to be aware of. Get checked out by your doctor if you notice anything abnormal for you.

What is cancer?

Cancer happens when cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Find out about different types and how they start and grow.

Treatment for cancer

Treatments can include surgery, radiotherapy and drug treatments (such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or targeted cancer drugs). Find out about treatments and how to cope with side effects.

Screening for cancer

Screening means testing for early signs of cancer before people have any symptoms. Find out about screening in the UK.

Urgent referral

Your GP has arranged for you to see a hospital doctor (specialist) urgently to investigate your symptoms further.

Causes of cancer

Find out about the possible causes of cancer and about how you can reduce your risk of developing it.

Genes and inherited cancer

Inherited gene changes can increase the risk of some types of cancer. Find out about gene changes and genetic testing.

Cancer waiting times

There are waiting time targets for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the different UK nations.

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15 Jul 2021
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15 Jul 2024