Research opportunities in population research

Population Research

We support a broad portfolio of population research, including behavioural research, epidemiology, public health, and research into cancer prevention and early diagnosis.

Our research strategy is driven by patient and public benefit, and we aim to fund research that has the potential for practical impact on clinical practice or public policy.

We fund investigator-led projects, partnership initiatives and invest in research facilities and resources. We're also committed to supporting the next generation of cancer researchers, and have a range of opportunities to help you develop your research career or apply your population research expertise to cancer for the first time.


Funding opportunities

We have a range of grants available for you or your research group, whether you're looking for programme funding for your lab, grants for specific projects, or fellowship funding to develop your career.

Our portfolio

We fund the best research from the best researchers, across the spectrum of population research related to cancer. We focus our portfolio on research which has the potential to make a practical impact on clinical practice or public policy for patient and public benefit.

You can find out who we have recently funded, or browse the case studies below for a taste of the kinds of projects and programmes that we support.

Cracking aspirin's anti-cancer properties

We've launched an international collaboration to answer the final questions before aspirin could be recommended to reduce cancer risk, funded by our Catalyst Award.

Catalysing a step change in population research

Population Research

Our new Catalyst Award funding gives researchers the time, space and flexibility to come together and collaborate on big impact programmes of population research.

Using patient data in research to improve treatments and survival

Hospital worker with patient records-Luton Hospital

We caught up with Willie Hamilton and Fiona Walter to find out why, with appropriate safeguards, making patient data accessible for research is so important for beating cancer sooner.

Research opportunities in early detection and diagnosis

[Early detection research icon]

We believe earlier detection and diagnosis of cancer offers the greatest potential for transformational improvements in patient outcomes, and we have a range of opportunities in this field.

Opportunities for clinical researchers

Clinical Research

We support a broad portfolio of clinical and translational research through response mode funding, initiatives and investments in clinical infrastructure.

Our Research Strategy

Our ambition is to accelerate progress to see 3 in 4 people with cancer surviving the disease by 2034. Our Research Strategy outlines how we will achieve our objectives through a substantial increase in research in priority areas.

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