How to connect Strava to your Giving Page

How to connect Strava to your Giving Page

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Connect your Strava account to your Giving Page so your miles will automatically appear on your page after your walk, allowing friends and family see you get closer your goal!

How to connect Strava to your Giving Page

1. Go to your online Giving Page 

2. Click on "Connect to Strava"

3. Give permission for Cancer Research UK to access your Strava account

4. Select the type activity you would like to track and unit of measurement 

5. Save your settings and your miles will automatically begin appearing on your page 

If you don't have a Strava account, you can create one here

There are several reasons why your Strava activity is not showin as you expected:

  • This could be due to the date ranges you have set. You can change these in 'Manage Strava Settings'.
  • There can also sometimes be a short delay between completing your activity and your activity appearing on your page. Please check your giving page again later.
  • Your Strava activity does not match the activity types you have selected in your Strava settings. For example, you completed a walk but your Giving Page Strava settings only have cycle selected. Therefore, you have not selected that activity type to be displayed on your Giving Page. You can update the activity type that appear on your Giving Page in the 'Manage Strava Settings'.
  • Your Strava privacy settings are not set to 'everyone'. You can change Privacy settings in Strava.

You can delete any activity you don’t want to appear on your Giving Page by using the delete option below the activity post.

You can disconnect Strava from your giving page at any time by accessing your Strava settings. Cancer Research UK will never delete activities from your Giving Page. If you update the ‘timeframe’ section in Strava setting from your Giving Page, you will still need to manually delete unwanted activities from your Giving Page.

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