Shine Night Walk FAQ's

Who can take part in Shine Night Walk? 

Shine Night Walk London full and half marathon is open to everyone aged 13 or over.

Participants aged 13 to 17 (inclusive) on the night of Shine Night Walk must be registered in addition to and accompanied by, another participant aged 18 or over. 

Shine Night Walk 10k is open to everyone aged 11yrs and over. Participants aged 11 to 17 (inclusive) on the night of Shine Night Walk must be registered in addition to and accompanied by, another participant aged 18 or over. 

Can I enter as part of a team? 

Unfortunately, at present we do not offer the facility to enter as a team but you can enter multiple people at the same time (up to 10 people) on our online entry form and make a team through the CRUK Giving Page.  

If you would like to enter a team of 10 or more, please call the Shine Night Walk hotline on 0300 123 6624. 

Can I change my event distance?  

Once you have registered you are unable to switch to an alternative distance without notifying us. This is because we have strict capacity limits for the half and full marathon distances as well as our 10K events, and for health and safety reasons we need to make sure that neither event distance exceeds its individual capacity.   

If you do wish to switch to an alternative distance, please contact us and we will endeavour to support your request. If we can accommodate a change of distance you will incur a £5 administrative charge to cover the cost of replacing items like walking numbers. 

What is included in my pack? 

The Shine Night Walk Pack includes the following; walking number, back sign, t-shirt, sponsorship form, fundraising poster, booklet and a course map. 

What should I do to prepare myself for Shine Night Walk? 

Walking a long distance, especially overnight, is a big challenge so please ensure you rest on the days leading up to the event. Make sure you do some training to ensure you are ready to take on the challenge.  

Take a look at our training page for tips and advice.  

What should I bring with me on the night? 

There are only a few things you need to remember to bring with you to Shine Night Walk. Have a look at our checklist on to ensure you don’t forget anything. 

Can I take part in fancy dress? 

Absolutely! This is your chance to shine, so light yourself up with flashing and glow-in-the-dark accessories. 

My Shine Night Walk t-shirt doesn’t fit; can I change it? 

Unfortunately, stocks of our t-shirts are limited so we can’t exchange your t-shirt in advance of the actual night.  But if you would like to swap for a different size, then please go to the enquiries tent on the night of your event to pick up a replacement (subject to availability). 

Do you allow prams/strollers or roller-skates/roller blades, skateboards and/or scooters on the course? 

Unfortunately, no baby strollers/prams or roller skates/blades, skateboards and/or scooters are allowed on our Shine Night Walk courses. 

Do you allow pets on the course? 

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed on the course, except for service dogs. 

What measures are in place for participants' safety? 

The safety of our participants is very important to us therefore there will be a number of marshals and volunteers throughout the event looking after you. Please follow their instructions at all times. Some crossings won’t be marshalled so you must take extra care and follow the Highway Code at all times.  Please do not leave the course route without informing one of our marshals or volunteers. 

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Are my friends and family allowed to walk the route with me? 

Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed to walk the route with participants due to capacity issues. They can, of course, sign up to walk themselves if they would like to join you. 


Do I have to collect sponsorship money to take part?

The entry fee goes towards the cost of putting on the event and participant communication costs. We ask all participants to raise as much sponsorship money as possible to help us fund life-saving research. A quick and simple way of raising your sponsorship money is to use your online fundraising page at https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/ 

We suggest that full and half marathon walkers aim to raise at least £260 towards life-saving research (that’s just £10 per mile for the full marathon!).  We suggest that 10k walkers aim to raise at least £100 towards life-saving research. 

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Can I fundraise for research into a particular cancer type. How do I do this? 

When you register to take part in Shine Night Walk, you can choose to raise money to help beat a particular cancer type or area of work. On the entry form you’ll find a list of options – raise money for a specific area of work, or raise money for our research into all types of cancer. By choosing an area of work that you want to Shine for, it will make your fundraising efforts even more meaningful.

How do I create an online Giving Page? 

You should have an online Giving Page set up for you automatically upon sign up. If you have any issues visit https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/enter and enter the email address you used to sign up to Shine Night Walk.  

How can I pay in my sponsorship money? 

If you use your Giving Page, the funds you raise are automatically sent to us. You can return a cheque to us by post, or make a payment over the phone.

Do I need to enclose my sponsorship form with my cheques? 

If any of your sponsors have ticked the Gift Aid box it is essential we have a copy of your sponsorship form. Without this we will not be able to claim Gift Aid on any of your donations. Gift Aid increases your contribution by at least 25% without any extra cost to you or your donors.