Preparing for Your Cycle Challenge

Check your bike

Before setting out it’s important that both you and your bike are fit for the road. Make sure all your brakes are working, tyres are pumped and gears are in check - your local bike shop will be able to help.

Fuel your body

Make sure you eat plenty of carbohydrates before and after long rides to keep up energy levels and chicken and fish to help develop muscles. Remember to stay hydrated, packing water every time you’re heading out.

Build your stamina

Be realistic when planning your challenge and gradually build up your miles. Start by riding at least 150 minutes a week and when you feel ready to push yourself further, start introducing hills and some longer rides at the weekend.

Plot your miles

Whether you’re planning to cycle 300 miles all in one go or split up over the month, make sure you know exactly when you’ll fit the miles in. Use our list of cycling routes to inspire your rides this September.

Research your route

You may already have an idea of where you want to cycle or still mapping it out, either way know exactly what to expect before hitting the road. Will there be hills? What's the distance? Do you know the stopping points along the way? Get planning on where your challenge will take you.