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6 steps to fundraising success

We understand that asking for donations is difficult at the moment and it may seem tough to know where to get started, which is why we’ve shared our top 6 fundraising tips to help you reach your target in no time. Follow the steps below alongside downloading your fundraising materials to get those donations rolling in.

  1. Share your story. Let your friends and family know why you’re taking on this challenge. You may be doing it in memory of a loved one or want to give yourself a personal challenge. Whatever your motivation, be candid and post your story alongside your Giving Page across your social networks.
  2. Let everyone know where their money goes. Sometimes people are hesitant to donate if they aren’t sure how their money can help. Share the graphics below to help inspire potential sponsors by highlighting what their donations can fund.
  3. Encourage small donations. Why not encourage your friends and family to give up their weekly coffee or two for a donation of £5? Letting your supporters know they can give a small amount will seem more manageable.
  4. Fundraise at work. Let your colleagues know you’re doing something incredible for life-saving cancer research. Why not host a bake sale to collect donations?
  5. Cash in on payday. Payday commonly falls at the end of the month for most people. Why not capitalise on this by asking your friends and family for donations just before your challenge kicks off and as you’re reaching the finish line?
  6. Share every milestone. From signing up, to starting the challenge, smashing the halfway mark and finally crossing the long-awaited finish line, be sure to share every moment across your social networks. Letting your friends and family know how you’re getting on with your challenge by posting key updates will help spur on donations.