Why we use eGMS

What is eGMS?

The online Grants Management System (eGMS) is an online tool that must be used for all research funding applications. The system is used by us to process grant applications and by grantees and Host Institutions to manage their grants. Our peer review and post-award processes are also managed through eGMS.

Why we use eGMS and it's benefits

eGMS has been designed to make our application process easier and more streamlined. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved eligibility screening - for the majority of our funding schemes, applicants must check their eligibility. eGMS asks applicants to complete an online eligibility quiz before they are given access to an application form.
  • Clearer application and award/post award processes - applicants, Grantees and Host Institutions are assigned tasks to complete in eGMS as part of the application/award process. eGMS clearly displays the task due dates and notifies users automatically at key parts of the award process.
  • Quicker applications - contact details (emails address, host institution, publications etc) are securely stored and will be used to pre-populate fields on future applications.
  • Clearer obligations - our Terms and Conditions are available to read and agree to online.
  • Quicker funding notifications for applicants - Grant Award Letters (GALs) and feedback letters are sent directly to applicants and grantees via eGMS.
  • Better management of awards by Host Institutions - the use of ‘Workgroups’ allows Host Institutions administrators to view manage their awards more effectively online. eGMS allows direct access to all awards and payment schedules online as well as key information relating to a grant e.g. GALs.
  • Better communications - applicants can update and maintain their own contact information to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information to facilitate the award process. Users will also receive automatic reminder emails to notify them to complete key tasks within eGMS.
  • Improved peer review - potential peer reviewers will be able to accept to review an application online as well as access it and submit their comments via the system.