Guide to managing a grant online

All grant applications must be made via eGMS. Find out why we use eGMS.

How to access eGMS

  • If you think you already have an account but don't have details - use the 'forgotten password' function to get your password emailed to you.
  • If your email is not recognised, or you have never applied to us before - register yourself as a new user.

How to change your password

Once you have logged into eGMS, you will see a 'change password' option in the left hand navigation menu. Click on this and follow the instructions.

I didn't get my password after registering

Please call the eGMS grants helpline on 0203 469 5452 or email

Edit your personal details

Once you have logged into eGMS, click on the 'profile' tab. Click 'edit details' and follow the instructions.

Submitting your application

If your form will not submit

Please review the status of all sections of the application form in the 'validation summary' in the 'review and submit' tab, and ensure that all parts of the application form have been completed.

If you are still having problems please call 0203 469 5452 or email

  • You don't need to submit a signed paper copy of your application.
  • If your application is successful the lead applicant will get an email with the outcome of the committee meeting. You can find feedback and peer review comments in eGMS.

The eGMS system

Notification and reminder emails

As soon as a task is ready in eGMS to complete, notification emails will be sent to the relevant contact (e.g. lead applicant; workgroup administrators). Reminder emails will also be sent as the deadline approaches.

If your account gets locked

Contact the eGMS grants helpline team on 0203 469 5452 or

Viewing pdfs and templates in eGMS

If you are having problems viewing pdfs and templates it could be an issue with popup blockers. Some sections of eGMS launch and display in a secondary browser window. If your browser blocks pop-up windows, please allow pop-up windows from this domain.

Sharing data with others and data security

  • Our site is secure. We use a 128-bit SSL encryption, the same as online banking.
  • There is no version control. Many people can access the application, but only the lead applicant¬†can submit and therefore has final version control.
  • Press 'save and continue' as you work to avoid losing data if internet connection fails.

Contact us

For support managing your grant or application, contact the grants helpline:

Tel +44 (0) 203 469 5452 

or email