Facts and figures about our research funding

In the financial year 2016/17 we supported research worth £386 million.

We fund research through a variety of mechanisms, from our five research institutes to investigator-led programmes and training fellowships. Our funding spans the research pipeline, and our diverse portfolio includes research into a wide variety of types of cancer.

Our research spend included £17 million investigating possible causes of cancer, £37 million on potential new drugs, and £38 million on clinical trials.

Here you can explore in more detail how and where we fund research, and how your own work fits in.

Funding by disease type

Our funding covers research into a wide range of cancer types.

Funding by disease type

Our network

Facts and figures about our research funding

Our long-term investment in state-of-the-art facilities has helped to create a thriving network of research at 90 institutions in more than 40 towns and cities across the UK.

Here you can explore our network by location or by the type of facilities that we fund as of April 2017.

Funding by location and disease type

​We support research in over 90 institutions, with focus in key locations. This chart shows the distribution of 2016/17 funding for the top disease types across locations receiving at least £1 million. The shading represents the percentage of disease type funding at each location, so whilst the shading is comparable between columns, the underlying £ totals are not.

Funding by location and disease type


Funding across the research pipeline

More information about our progress

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