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We build the foundations for sustainable long-term progress against cancer

Our vision of the future is simple; longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer. 

Beating cancer is a long game. That’s why we must make choices now that will give us the platform from which to make progress in the years and decades ahead. We must become a truly sustainable organisation – environmentally, inclusively, financially and operationally – if we are to achieve our mission. This means considering the sustainability of our operations, research, fundraising activities, supply chains, investments, products and partnerships. And it means being a diverse and inclusive organisation, bringing in the best ideas and being reflective of the people and communities we serve.  



Our new environmental sustainability strategy

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At Cancer Research UK, we exist to beat cancer. We know that environmental sustainability is an important part of how we act as a responsible organisation. To play our part in slowing down climate change, our new environmental sustainability strategy focuses on our carbon emissions – the most direct cause of climate change.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion 

We want to create a diverse charity where everyone feels like they belong and benefits from the work we do. We're committed to funding research into cancer inequalities, diversifying our research community, developing an inclusive culture for all staff and engaging with people in ways that are inclusive, relevant and accessible. This is how we’ll beat cancer for everyone. 

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Environmental impact update

We embed environmental sustainability in our activities, and influence our partners to do the same. We're committed to reducing our direct and indirect carbon emissions (scope 1, 2 and 3) by 50% by 2030, and reaching net zero by 2050. This is both our direct and indirect carbon emissions including our supply chain, events, shops and our research. 

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Pay gap reports

We welcome the opportunity to share our pay gaps and the actions we are taking to reduce them and improve inclusion at Cancer Research UK.

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Environmental sustainability of research 

We expect the research teams we fund to consider, manage, and where possible reduce the environmental impact of their work.

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Modern slavery statement 

We’re striving to identify, prevent and mitigate modern slavery in our operations and supply chains.

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Responsible sourcing 

We have developed a clear set of standards for the responsible, sustainable and ethical sourcing of all goods and services. We expect all our suppliers to adhere to these standards.



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