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Retired NHS worker Steve is from East Yorkshire. Diagnosed and treated over 30 years ago, he’s a long-term survivor of metastatic testicular seminoma. Steve’s sister had ovarian cancer and went through a similar treatment pathway and sadly passed away in 2017 following a recurrence.

Steve joined our panel last year and uses his personal experience of cancer and as a loved one to provide valuable feedback via short, quick-response surveys. He shares why he decided to join.

I was looking for a way to do some meaningful involvement work following retirement from the NHS a few years ago and saw that Cancer Research UK was recruiting to their online panel. As a long-term (over 30 years) survivor of metastatic testicular seminoma I was interested. I’m fortunate enough to have lived longer since my diagnosis than before it, so I felt I had plenty of life experiences to bring to the Online Cancer Insights panel.

The panel gives me a way to input into the ongoing work of the charity. They make you welcome and are keen to actively involve you in their work. I’ve enjoyed the wide variety of consultations sent to me, mostly these are short surveys to give your opinion.

I particularly liked commenting on the new TV advert campaign, as I was able to comment on the images used and general impact.  It’s wonderful to be able and contribute positively to Cancer Research UK’s work and I continue to be amazed at how widely and progressively their work is.

My diagnosis was delayed so my disease progressed. This made my treatments and subsequent complications much greater than they should have been. I look forward to the day when all cancers can be diagnosed early and treated without delays.