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You'll find a variety of opportunities below to get involved and help us beat cancer sooner. Whether you've got lots of time to spare or only a little, and whatever your experience of cancer, we hope you'll find an opportunity that interests you. 

Survey – Help shape future of general practice

A GP supports a patient through every stage of their life. What a patient needs from their GP and how a GP delivers care changes over time. Complete this questionnaire and you’ll be helping us to influence the future of patient care.

Document Review - Clinical Trial Booklet for the Centre for Drug Development

Evaluate introduction documents sent to patients signing up for clinical trials to make them easier to understand.

Patient Representative – Steering Committee for Optimising Shared Decision Making for High Risk Major Surgery

Help the OSIRIS programme at Queen Mary University of London to understand how to optimise shared decision-making for patients contemplating major surgery. 

Creative workshop - Our cancer journey

Participate in a creative mono-print workshop to highlight experiences of cancer.

Survey - How do you use our Patient Services, and why?

Take this short online survey to let us know your experience of using our patient information services.

Content reviewer - Help us review our ‘Causes of Cancer’ webpages

Help us get our content right and make all the difference to someone trying to understand more about their risk of cancer.

Phone interviews - Help us improve our ‘About Cancer’ information pages.

Share your experience of cancer to help us inform design decisions and make sure our online cancer information is relevant and useful for patients.

Survey - What cancer science questions would you like answered?

Man with dark hair standing in front of a whiteboard covered with scientific formulas

Our experts are dedicated to bringing you the latest findings, from the lab bench to clinical trials. But do you have a burning question that we haven’t answered? In our new Science Surgery series, you can take our survey and submit the questions you'd like answered by our expert team.