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You'll find a variety of opportunities below to get involved and help us beat cancer sooner. Whether you've got lots of time to spare or only a little, and whatever your experience of cancer, we hope you'll find an opportunity that interests you. 

Event - Join us at our Early Diagnosis conference

Two people talking at a conference

Interested in early diagnosis? Sign up for a free place at CRUK’s Early Diagnosis Conference 2019 for all the latest research news.   

Online Website Sorting Exercise - Coping with Cancer Information

Take our quick online sorting activity to help us make our ‘coping with cancer’ webpages easier to navigate.

Patient Representative: Supporting Clinical Research Steering Group

Join this steering group to shape new policies that help health service staff carry out valuable clinical research.

Website Review - CRUK Grand Challenge 'Mutographs of Cancer'

Review this Grand Challenge research project website and feedback any changes that are needed to ensure that it is clear, accessible and useful for you.

Focus Group - Project Swallow: Living with Oesophageal Cancer

Use your experience to help a team of researchers at University College London (UCL) create a digital health platform to support people affected by Oesophageal cancer. 

Share your story - Help protect Stop Smoking Services

Share your experience of using your local Stop Smoking Service so we can help publicise the vital work they do.

Survey - How do you use our Patient Services, and why?

Take this short online survey to let us know your experience of using our patient information services.

Content reviewer - Help us review our ‘Causes of Cancer’ webpages

Help us get our content right and make all the difference to someone trying to understand more about their risk of cancer.