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You'll find a variety of opportunities below to get involved and help us beat cancer sooner. Whether you've got lots of time to spare or only a little, and whatever your experience of cancer, we hope you'll find an opportunity that interests you. 

Survey - share your views on the NHS in England

Take this survey and let us know your current perspectives on the NHS and the changes you’d like to see.

Event - A Cancer Research UK-Imperial Centre Supporters' Day

We'll be opening the doors of the CRUK Imperial Centre. You can visit the labs and explore some of the biggest topics in beating cancer.

Survey - Help generate the top 10 priorities for future research in the early detection of cancer

Take part in this survey and help generate the top 10 priorities for future research in the early detection of cancer.

Patient Representative – India-UK Cancer Research Initiative Advisory Panel

Help us support research that makes diagnosing and treating cancer more affordable as a patient representative on the India-UK Cancer Research Initiative Advisory Panel.  

Survey – Tell us what campaigns matter to you

What do you want to see governments change in 2019? Take our quick survey to tell us what you’d like to see Cancer Research UK campaign on.

Survey - Involving people affected by cancer in our staff recruitment process

Share your insights around what qualities and skills you think staff with ‘patient-facing’ roles should have, to help us ensure these are key criteria for new roles. 

Survey - Help us improve our online shop for a younger audience

Help us develop our online Cancer Care Products range to make it more relevant for a younger audience.


Patient Representative - Population Research Committee

Use your experience of cancer to help us review new research proposals and ensure people affected by cancer guide our decision making.  

Focus Group - Project Swallow: Living with Oesophageal Cancer

Use your experience to help a team of researchers at University College London (UCL) create a digital health platform to support people affected by Oesophageal cancer. 

Phone interview - Help us improve our ‘About Cancer’ information pages

Share your experience of cancer to help us inform design decisions and make sure our online cancer information is relevant and useful for patients.

Survey - What cancer science questions would you like answered?

Our experts are dedicated to bringing you the latest findings, from the lab bench to clinical trials. You can take our survey and submit any questions you'd like answered by our expert team.

Share your story - Help protect Stop Smoking Services

Share your experience of using your local Stop Smoking Service so we can help publicise the vital work they do.

Survey - How do you use our Patient Services, and why?

Take this short online survey to let us know your experience of using our patient information services.

Content reviewer - Help us review our ‘Causes of Cancer’ webpages

Help us get our content right and make all the difference to someone trying to understand more about their risk of cancer.