Cancer Insights Panels

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About the panels

Our Cancer Insights Panels bring the experience of people affected by cancer to the heart of our work in an accessible and informal way which benefits both panel members and teams across the charity.

Panel members provide feedback during meetings where teams come along to discuss projects or through online surveys, these are called consultations. By taking part in consultations at the early stages of projects, supporters can make sure their voices are heard as decisions are made. 

During a two-year term, we develop a strong relationship with our panel members, and they may choose to get involved in other opportunities such as speaking at staff events and helping us promote our invaluable network to ensure we are getting more people affected by cancer involved in our work.

The panels represent people from all over the UK with a range of different backgrounds and lived experiences, including patients, carers, and loved ones.  There are four Cancer Insights Panels, each made up of people affected by cancer. We ask for their feedback in a variety of ways.

Meet Steve


Steve was diagnosed and treated for metastatic testicular seminoma over 30 years ago. Steve’s sister had ovarian cancer but sadly passed away in 2017 following a recurrence. He joined our panel to use his personal experience of cancer, and as a family member, to provide valuable feedback via short, quick-response surveys. He shares why he decided to join.

Meet Sarifa


Sarifa joined our Research & Strategy Cancer Insights Panel after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 10 years ago. She has lived experience of disability, and English as a second language. She's also a member of the Asian community and with it brings a fresh perspective to our meetings. Find out what motivated her to apply.

Meet Ellen

Ellen having a walk in woods

Musical theatre lover Ellen is a member of our Children & Young People Panel and lives in London with her dog Bella. Ellen joined the panel after being diagnosed with leukemia when she was young. She wanted to give something back and share her experiences and voice for future projects and research.

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