Southampton pledge to leave a gift in your Will

Writing a Will can be confusing, so we’ve made it easy for you to get free information to help

17,574* supporters have pledged to leave a gift in their Will in Southampton

Shane a Supporter

Shane shares his personal reason for leaving a gift in his Will 

“I was first diagnosed with skin cancer in April 2017, following treatment I was pronounced all clear. Until November 2018 when everything changed again, when after finding a lump in my right armpit I was then diagnosed with secondary melanoma. 

I have had extensive treatment, which ended in March 2020 and will be having yearly scans for the next 5 years, thankfully the first of which has been clear. 

I used to be a landscape gardener and I worked outdoors most of the day alongside my Dad who was also in the industry and we didn’t really think about covering up or using sunscreen. 

For me this has been a learning experience. Whilst I cannot change it, I can tell my story and stop others from experiencing what I’ve been through.” 

Dr Sean Lim

Our research in Southampton  

  • Tackling treatment resistance in lymphoma 
  • Improving diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia 
  • Discovering how antibody therapies can boost the immune system response to cancer 

Dr Sean Lim is a medical doctor and a research scientist working at the Cancer Research UK Southampton Centre and specialising in lymphoma research.   

“I am grateful and thankful that we live in an engaged and generous society in which people leave Legacy gifts. Gifts which form a significant part of Cancer Research UK funding.”

*This figure relates to all gifts in Wills from this area up to 2019-20