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Jo, a pledger, pledges to fight cancer even when he’s gone. Jo is stood by a grassy hill wearing a warm coat and hat.

Jo, Pledger

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will, and our free guide contains all the information you'll need to write or update your Will. Request a guide below to find out more.

Gifts in Wills are a specific item or donation left in a Will. They are one of the most significant contributions you can make and fund one third of our research. 

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Someone is reading a paper copy of the free gifts in Wills guide, which explains the different types of gifts you can leave in your Will.

Writing a Will can feel like a huge task, but our guide contains all the information you need to take the first step in writing your Will or updating an existing one. Request a guide to receive both a physical and digital copy to find out: 

How to write or update your Will

What gifts in Wills have helped us achieve 

The different types of gifts you can pledge to leave in your Will

How CRUK can support you in writing your Will

Last year, 7,875 of you pledged to leave a gift in your Will

Why our pledgers support

How leaving a gift in your Will supports research


Image of a cell

Could pay for a whole-genome sequencing experiment to ‘read’ DNA so we can find out where cancer is ‘editing’ the words.

10% of a £300,000 estate

Image of a scientist

Could buy a high-tech tool called a gene gun, which our scientists use to learn more about cancer’s weaknesses.

15% of a £50,000 estate

Image of DNA

Could buy an incubator to keep cell samples warm so we can study how they would behave in the body.