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Anyone can leave a gift in their Will, and our free guide contains all the information you'll need to write or update your Will. Request a guide below to find out more.

Gifts in Wills are a specific item or donation left in a Will. They are one of the most significant contributions you can make and fund one third of our research. 

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Writing a Will can feel like a huge task, but our guide contains all the information you need to take the first step in writing your Will or updating an existing one. Request a guide to receive both a physical and digital copy to find out: 

How to write or update your Will

What gifts in Wills have helped us achieve 

The different types of gifts you can pledge to leave in your Will

How CRUK can support you in writing your Will

Why our pledgers support

Three great reasons to make a Will and keep it up to date


1. Make it easier on friends and family

A Will makes it much easier for your family and friends to take care of your estate and be sure they’re acting on your wishes. Without a Will, the process can be difficult, stressful and time-consuming.

2. Help to minimise inheritance tax

If you’ve got a Will, it can help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that needs to be paid on your estate.

3. Protect the rights of your partner

If you and your partner aren’t married or in a civil partnership, you don’t have the same automatic rights as those who are married. You can make sure your partner’s looked after by naming them in your Will.