Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship

About this scheme

Key information

Career level
Established independent researcher
Research area
All research areas
Early diagnosis
Cancer prevention
Cancer biology
Preliminary submission
Committee review
Funding period
5 years
Funding amount
Typically up to £1.5m (including salaries, running expenses and equipment for you and up to two posts)
The Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship supports excellent clinician scientists to develop independence and leadership in their field of academic research.

Applications are considered from any area of our funding remit, including population, prevention and early detection/diagnosis research, but with the exception of any interventional clinical study/trial and drug discovery.

You should:

  • Be based at a UK university or research institute during the fellowship
  • Have obtained a higher degree (MD/PhD) in a cancer-relevant research area
  • Have obtained your CCT and hold consultant status
  • Have undertaken a significant period of postdoctoral research
  • Be able to demonstrate that you meet the range of skills and experience as outlined in the 'establishing independence’ career stage in our Fellowships Competency Framework

You should not have a tenured academic post at a higher education institute or research institute.

Please refer to the documents in the section 'How to apply to this scheme' for the latest guidance.

In these guidelines, we have set clearer expectations for organisations hosting CRUK-funded fellows, to ensure access to training, career progression support, and a clear and transparent commitment towards CRUK fellows' future career trajectory at the host institution.

Funding support is provided for:

  • Your salary at the appropriate honorary consultant grade
  • Salaries and running expenses for up to two posts. You may choose from a postdoctoral researcher, a technician and/or a (non-clinical) PhD student.
  • Associated running expenses
  • Equipment costs up to £25,000
  • Relocation costs up to £1,000 if you wish to take up your fellowship at a new host institution
  • EMBO Lab Leadership for Group Leaders course: we encourage you to attend this course to gain crucial skills to run your own independent research group. Available as either an in-person (in Germany, please check with the Office for future limited UK spaces) or online course. Please see the EMBO website for more information, including costs.

Additional support

Our fellowships offer a range of benefits beyond funding, including access to networking and training opportunities, flexible working policies and an accelerated route through the Tier 1 visa system.

How to apply to this scheme

Application process

Applications for this scheme are considered twice a year, and the application process has two stages:

(optional) Eligibility Enquiry Form: If you would like to enquire about a potential application, please submit a CV and an Eligibility Enquiry Form to the CRUK Office*. We will check that your proposal is within remit and advise you on whether the Fellowship scheme is appropriate for you. This information will also help us guide any conversation you might like to have about your application.

*Please complete and send us your form ideally at least 1 month and no later than 2 weeks before a submission deadline to help us best assist you.

1.         Outline applications:

    • Submit your outline application through our Flexi-Grant system
    • Your application will be reviewed by the Research Careers Committee
    • If successful, your application will be shortlisted and you will be invited to submit a full application. You have the option to defer your full submission by one round

2.         Full applications:

    • Submit your full application through our Flexi-Grant system. It must be approved by your Host Institution before the submission deadline
    • Your application will be reviewed by one of our Expert Review Panels (ERPs), who will provide comments on your application ahead of your interview
    • You will be interviewed by an ERP who will consider your application, your presentation at interview, and your responses to questions, before they make a recommendation to the Research Careers Committee
    • The Research Careers Committee will make a final decision on funding

Please note the Research Careers Committee has a restriction on the number of applications it can accept, and generally only considers two submissions to any scheme per applicant. If you are applying for a second time, you must contact us before starting a new application.


Outline application deadline

Committee Shortlisting

Full application deadline

Interview and Committee Review

5 October 2023 December 2023 22 February 2024 May 2024
21 March 2024 June 2024 September 2024 November 2024


Before you begin your application

Please refer to the following documents for the latest guidance.

You must read:

The Research Careers Committee will judge your proposal on:

  • Scientific excellence: whether you have a strong scientific rationale to support the proposed research proposal.
  • Cancer-relevance: the value of the proposed work in advancing the fundamental understanding of cancer or improving how cancer is diagnosed and/or treated.
  • Your own track record and potential to produce outstanding results
  • The strength of your research team and research environment 

The 5 year rolling success rate (financial year 2017-2022) from application to funding for this scheme is 39%.


Applications are assessed by international, Expert Review Panels and funding decisions are made by the Research Careers Committee.


Cancer Research UK contact details

Please contact the relevant Research Grants Manager if you have questions about your eligibility or require any assistance with your application or active award.

For London (except Imperial and ICR), The North East, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

Dr Catherine Cremona, Research Grants Manager:

For Cambridge, Oxford, and The South East and West

Eve Riley, Research Grants Manager:

For London (Imperial and ICR only), The Midlands, The North West and Wales

Dr Fran Smith, Research Grants Manager:

Please contact Dr Marjolein (Lein) Schaap, Research Programme Manager, if you would like to hear more about the support we offer e.g. CRUK Fellow meetings, activities and training, and to share any potential challenges you might face:

Please refer to the 'How to apply to this scheme tab' for further details and dates for the current funding round. 

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Dr Sean Lim

Sean tells us about her successful progression from Clinician Scientist Fellow to Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellow.