The Challenges

Round 1 Grand Challenges

Last round, our Grand Challenge panel set 7 Grand Challenges. Each challenge identified some of the greatest barriers preventing accelerated progress in cancer research. 

In Spring, our scientific panel will meet to review and refresh the challenges and the call will open in June 2017

Challenge 1

Developing vaccines for non-viral cancers

Develop vaccines to prevent non-viral cancers

Challenge 2

Eradicating EBV-related cancers worldwide

Eradicate EBV-induced cancers from the world

Challenge 3

Discovering how unusual patterns of mutation are induced

Discover how unusual patterns of mutation are induced by different cancer-causing events

Challenge 4

Distinguishing when is cancer not cancer

Distinguish between lethal cancers that need treating, and non-lethal cancers that don’t

Challenge 5

Mapping tumours at a molecular level

Find a way of mapping tumours at the molecular and cellular level

Challenge 6

Developing new approaches to target MYC

Develop innovative approaches to target the cancer super-controller MYC

Challenge 7

Delivering macromolecules to all cells in the body

Deliver biologically active macromolecules to any and all cells in the body

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