Cancer's toughest challenges demand the world's sharpest mind. We also know that research intended to benefit patients is improved by involving people affected by cancer. Cancer Grand Challenges is overseen by two independent advisory panels: the Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee and the Cancer Grand Challenges Advocacy Panel. 

Cancer Grand Challenges Scientific Committee

Our world-leading committee including cancer researchers, clinicians and behavioural scientists, provides input throughout the funding process, from setting the challenges and assessing applications, to funding decisions and beyond. 

Cancer Grand Challenges Advocacy Panel

Cancer Grand Challenges is committed to the belief that research intended to benefit patients is improved by involving people affected by cancer.    

To bring this perspective to Cancer Grand Challenges, a group of patient representatives take part in ongoing consultations to shape the initiative. They review applications and work with funded teams to develop the patient involvement aspect of their research.

They will continue to share their ideas and advice throughout the Cancer Grand Challenges process