Council Committees

Council delegates responsibilities to a number of committees.  These committees are authorised to make decisions on behalf of Council or to make recommendations to Council for approval.

Delegating responsibility to committees provides Council with assurance that the appropriate attention and scrutiny are being afforded to important strategic issues for which there may not be sufficient time for discussion at Council meetings.

Council collectively retains ultimate responsibility and accountability for all decisions taken and from time to time reviews the structure and membership of Council committees to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

All Trustees serve on one or more Council Committee and may attend any Committee meeting.  The Treasurer is an ex officio member of all Council Commitees except the Audit Committee which he attends at the invitation of the Committee Chair.


Audit Committee (AC)

The Audit Committee provides Council with an informed and independent assessment of the management and control of the Charity’s resources.  It oversees preparation of the Annual Report and Accounts including accounting policies and judgements and reviews the performance, independence and objectivity of the external auditors.  It monitors the effectiveness of the Charity’s risk management and internal control systems and provides an assessment of risk processes and policies to Council, principally by reviewing the results of the Charity’s biannual risk reviews, approving the Assurance Plan consisting of audits carried out by the Charity’s internal audit team, monitoring the results of those audits and management’s implementation of control improvement recommendations, and carrying out its own risk reviews of specific areas of the Charity’s activities. 


Finance Committee (FC)

The Finance Committee exercises on behalf of Council supervisory oversight of all aspects of the Charity’s corporate financial policies and operations.  On an annual basis it reviews the operating plan and budget, the rolling five-year plan and the reserves and the investment policies, for recommendation to Council.  On an ongoing basis it monitors financial performance and oversees management of the investment portfolio.  It reviews and approves the Charity’s insurance arrangements.  The Committee monitors the progress of CRUK’s planned move from Angel to new headquarters in Stratford.  


Fundraising and Marketing Committee (FMC)

The Fundraising and Marketing Committee oversees the governance of the Charity’s fundraising and marketing practices and implementation of the Charity’s fundraising and marketing strategies.  


People and Remuneration Committee (PREM)

The People and Remuneration Committee is a committee of Council established in September 2019 to provide oversight of risks relating to people and remuneration.  Day to day management activities relating to people are the responibility of the CEO and the Executive Team.     


Research Committee (RC)

The Research Committee exercises supervisory oversight of the development, implementation and effective delivery of the Charity’s research.  It provides advice to Trustees on areas relevant to research including emerging fields and new types of partnership working.  It also considers new initiatives and funding schemes and the outcome of quinquennial and major centre reviews.  

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