Involving people affected by cancer in the development of the Annual Reports & Accounts and Annual Supporter Update

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Cancer Research UK’s Annual Reports and Accounts (ARA) and Annual Supporter Update (ASU) were published earlier this week. These documents allow us to communicate our finances and give an update on our progress against our strategy and objectives. In addition to this, these publications are an opportunity to demonstrate how our supporter’s contributions are making a difference to cancer patients and their families right now.

To ensure the content and creative of both publications resonated with our supporters, it was extremely important to develop the content in collaboration with our Cancer Insight Panels. The Creative team used different involvement methods at different stages of the project, to ensure they got the insight they needed.  

To gather early-stage feedback on the content, the team delivered a virtual focus group with our Policy and Communications Cancer Insight Panel. The session asked the panel to share their thoughts on key CRUK achievements. This helped the team understand what topics and stories were the most engaging for our supporters.  

"The Cancer Insight Panel were a huge help in understanding what topics, announcements and stories were the most compelling and interesting for both publications. We were pleased that the stories that they mentioned also came out of our brainstorm, which gave us the confidence we were focused on the right topics. The knowledge and insight that they gave us was so much more than expected, and I’ll definitely be using them again next year.” Che Boxall, Account and Resource Manager

The panel members also gave some useful feedback on the 'Dealing with Uncertainty' section in the ASU around COVID-19.

"Although the impact of COVID-19 has been negative, this could be turned into a positive rallying call to support us to unite with CRUK, to be relentless in our commitment to beat cancer." Cancer Insight Panel member

Following this session, the team wanted to gather more specific feedback. This involved creating a short survey highlighting potential routes which was then sent to our Online Cancer Insight Panel for their speedy feedback. The knowledge and insight that they gave us was so valuable in enriching the design.

“The creative route ‘power in our collective strength’ was selected and refined, building and pulling on some of the more personal and softer qualities that were preferred from the alternative route. Following this, the feedback from our other stakeholders to date has been incredibly positive. Insights and guidance such as these from the panel are incredibly valuable in enriching our design and creative decision making, and we very much look forward to working with the panel again in the future.” Jazzy Page, Designer  

Partnering with the Cancer Insight Panels was a key part of the creative process which helped shape the look and feel of these important documents and the Creative team would like to thank those involved in the process.  

To find out more about how people affected by cancer can get involved in our work, please contact 

Our Annual Reports and Accounts (ARA) allow us to be transparent with supporters, enabling us to communicate our finances and also give an update on our progress against our strategy and objectives.

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