The impact of your involvement in our work

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Want to get involved?

You’re the experts on living with cancer and your insights guide, shape and inform everything we do.  

Use your experiences of cancer diagnosis, treatment and care to help shape Cancer Research UK’s work. 

You'll find a variety of involvement opportunities to get involved and help us beat cancer.

Current opportunities

The impact of your involvement

Everything we do has patients and all people affected by cancer at its heart and your hard work ensures that we keep your voices central to how we do our business. Here are some highlights of the tangible impact you’re having.

  • People affected by cancer have been central to our research and innovation work, helping us to recruit staff, present at conferences, collaborate with leading scientists, and help us co-design and deliver discussions across the drug development cycle.
  • We’re keen to ensure our marketing campaigns, especially ones that feature real patients, resonate with people affected by cancer whilst having the impact we need them to. We’ve worked with people affected by cancer to help influence ‘We Are’ Integrated TV adverts and the Race For Life Brand Refresh.
  • People affected by cancer have been integral in developing the content of CRUK’s Manifesto of Cancer Research & Care helping to shape the top pledges and title, how we talk about the Manifesto to the public, and the Longer, Better Lives campaign. 

Our recent projects

Read about the work you've been involved in and how it's helped shape these projects:

Cancer Awareness in the Workplace

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The Cancer Awareness in the Workplace programme works with companies across the UK to support employees to reduce their risk of cancer and take positive action for their health. To aid the growth of the programme, two people affected by cancer were recruited in April 2023 to support the development of the resources and products and to ensure the programme has the biggest impact.

Life is worth Racing For!

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Since 1994, over 10 million people have taken part in Race for Life. Together, we’ve raised over £970 million towards life-saving research. In 2024, Race for Life got a new look with our refreshed brand, which was developed in collaboration with people affected by cancer. Find out more and watch our new TV ad.

Creating our Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care

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Cancer Research UK published a report at the end of 2023 setting out clear actions to be taken by Government which would lead to significant improvements in cancer research, prevention, and services. Read more about our Manifesto and how we involved people affected by cancer in our evidence and insight gathering.

Your involvement with us

When working with us through our patient involvement network, you help shape the direction of our work and ensure it represents the needs of people affected by cancer. Discover the personal journeys behind our network and panel members, and find out why they got involved in our work.

Meet Faaria


Faaria is from the North of England and is mum to three grown-up children. She fits being a member of our insights panel alongside being her father’s main carer and running a business with her husband. Faaria was diagnosed with Indolent Follicular Lymphoma in 2010. With the support of her family, she went through chemotherapies and a stem cell harvest and chose to get involved with our work whilst having a period of relatively good health.

Meet Bettina


Jamaican-born, mother of 3 and grandmother of 5 Bettina is a retired Civil Servant and Florist. She is a member of our Patient Involvement Network and Online Cancer Insights Panel. For Black History Month, we asked Bettina to share her experience of being involved in Cancer Research UK’s work and how she is using her voice to improve awareness of cancer in her community and sharing her experience of cancer as a black woman to help shape our work.

Meet Ellen

Ellen having a walk in woods

Musical theatre lover Ellen is a member of our Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People Insights Panel and lives in London with her dog Bella. Ellen joined the panel after being diagnosed with leukemia. She wanted to give something back and share her experiences and voice for future projects and research.

News, updates and stories about how your involvement shapes our work

We have more personal stories for our network and panel members, and updates highlighting the beneficial impact your involvement has in our work.