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DETERMINE Precision Medicine

DETERMINE is the first UK national precision medicine trial in rare cancers, testing a range of therapies specifically targeting key genetic changes in cancer cells.

DETERMINE is led by the University of Manchester and is sponsored and managed by Cancer Research UK's Centre for Drug Development. It is run in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and the Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

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Meet our investigators

An image of Dr. Matthew Kerbs who does research into an innovative approach to treatments for cancer genomic alteration.

Dr Matthew Krebs
Chief Investigator
University of Manchester

Dr Krebs is a medical oncologist with expertise in precision medicine. He is responsible for the medical, scientific and strategic oversight of the DETERMINE platform. He is also the Chief Investigator of the TARGET Precision Medicine program, which is a major route for patent identification for DETERMINE.

An image of Dr. Lynley Marshall who works to discover new rare cancer therapies for paediatric teenagers and young adult.
Dr Lynley Marshall
Paediatric Lead
Royal Marsden Hospital
Dr Marshall is a paediatric oncologist with expertise in drug development. She is responsible for overseeing the medical and scientific aspects of the DETERMINE study with respect to children and young people. 
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Dr. Gary Middleton a medical oncologist who looks into new cancer therapies for personalised treatments.
Professor Gary Middleton
Translational Lead
University of Birmingham
Professor Middleton is a medical oncologist with expertise in the genomic, transcriptomic and immunological context underlying response to targeted therapy. He is Translational Lead for the DETERMINE study and will coordinate academic research at the Universities of Manchester and Birmingham and the Institute of Cancer Research.
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Real data is used by biostatistician Lucinda Billingham to find new cancer treatments which improve cancer survival.
Professor Lucinda Billingham
Statistical Lead
University of Birmingham

Professor Billingham is a biostatistician with an interest in cancer research. She is responsible for the design and statistical analysis of the DETERMINE study.
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