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Cancer is political. You have the power tackle cancer by campaigning with Cancer Research UK. You can be part of a nationwide movement working together to beat cancer. Influencing Government can be as easy as clicking a button! 

Key decisions on preventing, diagnosing and accessing cancer treatments lie in the hands of the Governments across the 4 UK nations. Join us in making sure politicians represent you and people affected by cancer. 

Our campaigners act to support everyone's cancer journey. They’ve successfully campaigned to prevent, treat and diagnose cancer earlier. However, cancer continues to affect our families, friends and loved ones, as 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime.

Make sure your politicians prioritise cancer. Join over 40,000 online campaigners saving lives through taking political action online a few minutes a month. These quick and easy activities include signing petitions and emailing your local politicians. They've helped secure additional funding for cancer tests and radiotherapy machines; protected young people from the harms of tobacco through the introduction of plain, standardised cigarette packaging; securing safe spaces for cancer services and ensuring there is more staff to diagnose cancer.

Every action helps to beat cancer. Use your voice to speak out on cancer issues important to you.

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