Shoulder to Shoulder Against Cancer

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Sign our petition asking the Government to train and employ more NHS staff to diagnose and treat cancer early. Over 12,000 of you are already with us - add your name today.

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Early diagnosis saves lives

You're more likely to survive your cancer if it's caught early. But the NHS is shortstaffed, and 1 in 10 diagnostic posts are vacant. This means not everyone is getting diagnosed early enough.

We want to change that. We want to see every post filled, so that everyone has the best chance to beat cancer.

Your MP and the Government have the power to tackle these staff shortages and support the NHS. It’s in their hands.

But it's also in yours. You have the power to make sure that your MP stands up for people affected by cancer and the NHS.

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What we need

  • For the sake of cancer patients and NHS staff across the country, we need the Government to stand shoulder to shoulder with our NHS.
  • That means the Government must invest in our NHS. They need to produce a plan for how they are going to train and employ more NHS cancer staff, and stump up the money to pay for it.
  • We need the Government to produce this plan now, and for them to put the money behind it in the next Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). Only a fully funded NHS workforce plan will produce the full-strength NHS workforce we all need.


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Why we need it

  • The NHS is in crisis. Every day, the demand for life-saving cancer diagnosis and treatments goes up.  By 2035, there will be 500,000 new cancer cases every year.
  • Right now, there simply aren’t enough NHS staff to deal with current demand for cancer tests and treatments, let alone the extra 140,000 cases expected every year in 15 years’ time.
  • The earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the more likely it is to be treated successfully.  You’re three times more likely to survive your cancer if it’s caught early, but currently only around half of people are actually diagnosed in the early stages.
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How you can make it happen

  • You can make sure the Government takes action through being part of our Shoulder to Shoulder campaign.
  • Sign the petition to make sure there is enough staff to diagnose and treat cancer.
  • With your support we can win this for cancer patients, and for NHS staff, and put the UK on course to saving thousands of lives over the coming decades.

Stand with the NHS

Through signing the petition, you are saving lives.

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