Cancer Research UK Giving Pages Terms and Conditions

Updated 12th October 2018

This Online Fundraising platform (“the Platform”) is owned and provided by Cancer Research UK (“we”, “our” or “CRUK”) and allows users to raise funds for, and to give donations to, CRUK. It cannot be used in connection with any other charity, or for any other charitable cause or purpose.

The use of the Platform is subject to the rules below, as well as our general Terms and Conditions that govern the use of any part of the CRUK website (together the “Platform Terms”). In the event of any conflict between them, the rules below shall take precedence.

The Platform Terms may be amended from time to time, so you should check them regularly for any changes.


Use of Donations

1. When setting up a fundraising page, users may be given the option of:

  1. choosing whether the money raised is to be put towards a certain type of cancer research. If this option is selected, this will be made clear to anyone visiting that page, and all funds subsequently raised will only be used for that specified purpose. Where no such option is available or selected, we will decide how best we can use the funds for our general charitable purposes; and
  2. setting a fundraising “target”, which will be visible to anyone visiting that page. Please note, however, that once we have processed and confirmed receipt of a donation this money will be treated as cleared funds in CRUK’s account, whether the target is ultimately achieved or not.

2. Please note that charities (including CRUK) are only legally permitted to return donations in very limited circumstances e.g. where the donor lacks mental capacity. We therefore ask that you take care when entering your details when making a donation using the Platform, as we may be unable to provide any refund once your payment has been processed. We do not charge a fee for processing refunds.


Gift Aid

  1. If you are a UK taxpayer you are encouraged to claim Gift Aid when donating your own money to your fundraising page by completing the Gift Aid declaration which is available online.
  2. If you pay in money to your fundraising page other than money you are donating to CRUK personally (e.g. cash from collections, family members, ticket sales and any activity where you get something in return for your money) you cannot claim Gift Aid.
  3. Gift Aid can be claimed on individual donations that are made to CRUK offline. To claim Gift Aid each individual making a donation must complete a Gift Aid declaration confirming that they are a UK taxpayer and provide his or her name and address including post code.


Use of Fundraising Pages

  1. If you are creating a fundraising page and would like to upload photos to it, please ensure that you are either the owner of the copyright in the photo, or you have the permission of the person who is. Similarly, if the image and/or text you would like to post features the name and/or likeness of any living person, especially where he/she has been diagnosed with a medical condition (including cancer), you must get his/her consent before you do this. If the image and/or text you would like to post features the name and/or likeness of any person who has died, please get consent from a member of their family before you do this.  
  2. We welcome and encourage users to customise messages on fundraising pages, and to leave comments when making donations. However, racist, sexist, obscene, defamatory, misleading or otherwise offensive or upsetting language and/or content is not permitted.
  3. The following uses of the Platform are also prohibited:
  • posting or uploading any content or material that infringes someone else’s intellectual property or other legal rights, unless you have obtained the owner or relevant person’s consent first;
  • running any form of prize draw, competition or lottery, or offering any form of incentive to encourage people to donate through their fundraising page;
  • carrying out or encouraging any illegal or unlawful acts; and
  • sending junk or “spam” communications, or any other form of messaging or content for promotional or commercial purposes.   
  1. CRUK is not responsible for the contents of any fundraising page on the Platform, nor do we necessarily endorse the fundraising activities referred to on any page. Whilst we do not actively monitor the Platform, if and when we become aware that a user has breached any of the terms of this section above, we reserve the right to edit or remove the offending message(s) and/or content, or to close the relevant page, without further notice at our sole discretion. Please note that donations will not be refunded in these circumstances.
  2. Fundraising pages will remain open, and donations can be made through them, unless and until they are deleted by the page owner.


Personal Data

  1. As access to all open fundraising pages on the Platform is unrestricted, and can therefore be seen by anyone, we advise users to avoid posting personal information about themselves or someone else (e.g. addresses, telephone numbers) when writing on a fundraising page.
  2. All personal data that you are asked to provide when setting up a fundraising page and/or making a donation will be handled in accordance with our “Privacy Policy”.
  3. We will also use your personal details for the purposes of sending you communications about our latest breakthroughs, campaigns and how you can help support our life-saving work where you have given your permission for us to do this when setting up a fundraising page and/or making a donation.



  1. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the Platform is available at all times, circumstances outside of our control mean that we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. Similarly, there may be occasions when we have to carry out maintenance or other work on the Platform which may affect its functionality, or we may have to suspend the Platform altogether, but we shall try and keep this to a minimum.
  2. In the event that any user breaches the Platform Terms, we reserve the right to close their fundraising page (if applicable) and to prevent them from using the Platform in future. Please note that any donations received will not be refunded in these circumstances.
  3. The payment service providers we use in relation to this platform are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or other relevant EEA home state regulator.
  4. If you have any queries about the use of this Platform, wish to report any content or material that you believe is in breach of the Platform Terms, or to request a refund please contact .