Spend on information and influencing

In 2018/19 we spent £41.8 million on our information and influencing work.

This includes providing millions of people with accurate, up-to-date information about cancer  – including news and commentary - and support and help if they have questions.

As well as this, our research shows that around 4 in 10 cancers in the UK are preventable. By providing comprehensive, up-to-date information and advice about cancer and its risk factors, and campaigning to ensure people can access services to help them make positive changes, we can help prevent thousands of people developing the disease.

Another of our priorities is to help people get an early cancer diagnosis, increasing the chance of successful treatment. Our Cancer Awareness Roadshow, information and public-facing campaigns help achieve this by boosting understanding of screening programmes, awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer and encouraging people to visit the doctor if they notice changes to their body which aren’t normal for them.

Working with health professionals and health services is another vital part of our work, and includes providing on-the-ground support to improve practice, as well as evidence-based information, education and online toolkits.

We also develop evidence-based policy and work with key decision makers to inform government action related to cancer, and to improve NHS cancer care.