The CAM and CAM+ archive

The Cancer Awareness Measure ‘Plus’ (CAM+) is a survey that regularly collects nationally representative data about the UK public’s attitudes, awareness and behaviours across key early diagnosis, screening and prevention topics. 

This page contains all past CAM and CAM+ surveys, reports and publications, and tells you whether you can translate and adapt the surveys. 

Download the September 2023 findings 

Download the September 2023 survey 



Frequently asked questions


Cancer Research UK, in association with academic partners and other cancer charities, developed and validated the original generic Cancer Awareness Measure, and measures for breast, cervical, colorectal/bowel, ovarian and lung cancer. These measures have been written and validated in English. If you would like to translate any of the CAM surveys into a different language, please note the following: 

  • We encourage translation of the measures using appropriate methods (such as forward and back translation) and strongly advise that any translated versions are subsequently validated to ensure that the measure is reliable and valid.  

  • Translated versions should not use the Cancer Research UK logo and should carry the notice provided. 



It is possible to make the following changes or adaptations to the CAM and CAM+ surveys: 

  • You can change the order of the CAM and CAM+ modules. 

  • There is one exception to this; closed or prompted questions should always be asked after open or unprompted questions. For example, the closed question ‘The following may or may not be warning signs for cancer. We are interested in your opinion’, should be asked before the open question ‘There are many warning signs and symptoms of cancer. Please name as many as you can think of’. This is because the closed/prompted questions essentially provide the answers to the open/unprompted questions. 

  • You can change the ordering of items within modules. You may wish to counterbalance or rotate the order to see if this has any affect on people’s responses. 

  • You can ask additional questions alongside the CAM and CAM+ questions.  

  • For example, if you’re using the CAM/CAM+ to assess the impact of an intervention you will want to ask some more specific questions about the intervention itself. In doing so, you should consider how these questions could affect the respondent’s response to the CAM/CAM+. For example, you should avoid asking questions that could increase the participant’s knowledge about cancer. 

  • You can remove questions that are not necessary or appropriate, but we recommend you don’t remove items within a question e.g. a specific barrier from the barriers question. 



Past CAM and CAM+ surveys

You don’t need to request permission to download and use past CAM and CAM+ surveys or other cancer specific versions of the measure. However, none of the cancer-specific CAM surveys have been updated in line with any developments in the evidence or changes to clinical practice, so please review and consider whether the survey is still appropriate. Further, the CAM+ surveys have not been validated.  

Past generic CAM and CAM+ surveys 


Past cancer specific CAM and CAM+ surveys