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Our Accounts show that, in 2018/19, we committed £546m to cancer research, including projects that will run for many years. In the year itself, we spent £442m on ongoing research activity, including projects started in previous years.

As the graphic shows, this includes:

  • £188m on research into specific cancers.
  • £85m on research into cancer’s fundamental biology.
  • £79m on research relevant to all cancers, including our network of centres and clinical trials units.
  • £50m passed on to other organisations, as their share of the royalties we received from sales of innovations developed from previous research.
  • £40m on research administration and support, including the systems and processes that allow us to fund world-class research.

In previous years, we’ve allocated the revenue share, support and ‘relevant to all cancer’ spends proportionately across the other categories. See p16/17 of our Annual Report & Accounts for more details.

Find out more about what we’ve funded this year, and how we’re making a difference.

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