Impact of the CRUK GP clinical leadership programme

Our influencing work with decision makers aims for greater emphasis on the early diagnosis of cancer. CRUK GPs provide regional clinical leadership by ensuring there is GP input into decisions affecting early diagnosis. They offer support through sharing best practice, strategic primary care resources and educational materials.

Impact of the CRUK GP clinical leadership programme page

What do others think about CRUK GPs?

Cancer Alliance Managers really value the strategic input of the CRUK at Cancer Alliance Board discussion and decision-making: 

"Ensures the GP voice is heard early in programmes of work - which prevents or counters resistance." - SWAG
"I would recommend that a GP sits on the Alliance Board and relevant sub group as it is crucial that primary care is represented." - Kent and Medway
“...a GP should most definitely sit on the Alliance Board – the Cancer alliance is not just about secondary and tertiary care – primary care are equal players and need to have a voice."- Lancashire & South Cumbria
"They influence our priorities by being integrated at a number of levels."- Northern

An independent evaluation of the CRUK GP programme carried out in 2017 found that

  • The CRUK GPs have been involved in driving change, implementing QI and piloting innovation
  • There is a pressing need for GP representation at strategic level
  • The GPs have been effective in driving quality improvements and supporting the implementation of these changes throughout large and complex geographies
“… the combination of the research and evidence stuff and the clinical knowledge and the voice of the jobbing GP voice…and the credibility of a clinician to disseminate new evidence based ways of  working … that’s what the SGPLs bring.” – Cancer Alliance Manager

CRUK staff support the CRUK GP ‘community of practice’ which provides an excellent networking and sharing opportunity for the GPs, and is highly valued by the GPs and their respective Cancer Alliances:

“Heterogenous, approachable, innovative and generous group with wide ranging experience and ideas. The benefits are enormous."
“The community of GPs can provide a wide depth of knowledge and insights which helps us develop a clear unified message."
“The support when things are tough has been great.  There has nearly always been someone else who has previously struggled with an issue and we have all really helped each other out and made great suggestions of solutions."
“It has been great – peer support, knowledgeable colleagues, sharing uncertainties, learning (and copying) influencing techniques, being there for colleagues at their times of uncertainty, keeping up to date, being challenged by the achievements of others and realising we could do that too."

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