A successful pilot for our Online Cancer Insights Panel

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Over the past year, we’ve been working with 15 people affected by cancer on quick turn-around projects as part of a pilot of an online panel. The pilot has been so successful, we’ve decided to continue working with the Online Panel. Find out about the panel's first year. 

Our Online Cancer Insights Panel was formed in October 2019 in response to the changing needs of teams to involve people affected by cancer in developing their work. Our fundraising and marketing teams in particular, often need feedback in short time-frames making face-to-face meetings unsuitable for gathering insight. The panel was set up to help staff and people affected by cancer work together more effectively in these circumstances.  

15 people joined the panel for its pilot year. They are emailed consultations on average 3 times a month and asked to give their feedback quickly, usually within 2-3 days. We use a variety of different online tools to consult the panel solely online, ranging from surveys to discussion forums. 

Helping us work together faster

The Online Panel Pilot has been a big success, allowing teams to get the feedback they needed quickly and enabling people affected by cancer to participate remotely. This has proven to be even more important over the past few months. Panel members have given their insights on various projects from fundraising campaigns and TV adverts to the patient information on our About Cancer webpages. 

Panel member Patricia, describes what she enjoys most about being on the panel: 

"I’ve liked the variety. Some (consultations) have been videos, some have been questionnaires. It gives an insight into a lot of the areas of the organisation. It’s not focussing on one specific area as some of the roles would  be. I’ve found that very interesting."

The teams at CRUK have benefitted hugely from working with the online panel. Lou Duffy, Senior Marketing Manager  in our Brand and Integrated Campaigns) team said:

“We’re so grateful to have the online panel to check key things with. They gave us insightful feedback on our messaging, creative concepts and tone. Because of the difficult circumstances of creating a campaign under tight time pressure, this was so very much appreciated.” 

Applications to join the Online Cancer Insights Panel will open in September, so look out for the opportunity on our webpages soon!

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