Felicity, Volunteer of the Month - March 2017

Volunteers cheering at Cambridge Half Marathon

Felicity is an intern in the Sports Team in the Spring 2017 intake, as well as being a team leader at this year's Cambridge Half Marathon.



“I feel very lucky to be a part of this fight.”

“Cancer will affect all of us. Two of my aunts have survived cancer and I am so grateful for all the research that has made that possible. Cancer is an indiscriminate, horrible disease and we are beating it! I feel very lucky to be a part of this fight.

I’ve volunteer in a couple of different ways with Cancer Research UK. I started as an intern in the Sports Team, speaking to supporters and promoting their inspirational stories on social media, in particular the Cancer Research UK Challengers page. This helps with fundraising and encourages more people to sign up for events.  In fact, this is what inspired me to become a volunteer team leader at the Cambridge Half Marathon.

“The atmosphere on the day was great!”

By signing up to be a volunteer team leader at the race I then got to meet all the amazing runners I’d been reading about, in person - the atmosphere on the day was great!

“You will be contributing to a future where 3 in 4 people survive cancer”

If anyone is thinking about volunteering with Cancer Research UK, I’d say do it! The charity is so supportive and everyone is super friendly and always happy to help. Also, you will be directly contributing to a future where 3 in 4 people survive cancer.

I was very surprised and honoured to hear I’d been made Volunteer of the Month. Cancer Research UK would not be where it is today without all the hard work from its volunteers, so to get this kind of recognition really means a lot to me.”


Felicity’s nominator and Sports Team Executive, Kate, said:

“Felicity joined Cancer Research UK as a PR intern in January 2017. Throughout this time she has been a fantastic ambassador of the charity, working closely with our supporters to share their inspiring stories on social media.

More recently Felicity has volunteered as team leader at the Cambridge Half Marathon. Her enthusiasm for the position has been second-to-none. She’s taken time to learn about the role and all aspects associated with it. She has been a great point of contact, always responding to communications quickly and being a great support for the team with our ‘on the day’ plans.

Felicity is a friendly and motivating team leader and we’re so grateful for her help and her passion for Cancer Research UK.”

Thank you and congratulations Felicity!

Volunteer of the Month

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