Shaping the Annual Supporter Update 2023

Tommy and his grandson

Each September, we publish our Annual Supporter Update (ASU). Highlighting research achievements from the past financial year and demonstrating the progress we’ve made. The ASU is designed to inspire belief in our ability to bring about a world where everybody lives longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer. In advance of publishing this year’s report the Online Cancer Insight Panel were invited to read an early version of the report and share their feedback.

The publication of the ASU is linked to the publication of our Annual Reports and Accounts. Earlier in the year, the Online Cancer Insight Panel provided feedback about this publication as well. This meant we were able to build on the feedback we had already received, such as, making sure our writing was clear and concise. Ensuring we signpost comprehensively where more information is available. And finally, taking care to have the case studies and photography in the report represent the full diversity of the UK population.

The panel helped us to realise, particularly when featuring patient case studies, that some of the terms we’d used in relation to cancer treatment could have been clearer. The final copy was edited in response to these comments to ensure the key message wasn’t getting lost. Other feedback focused on the design of the report and so we have worked closely with experts to only use fonts and colour combinations that are inclusive and accessible.

Providing supporters with confidence that Cancer Research UK is a trustworthy organisation which can be counted on to use funds appropriately is one of the aims of the ASU. The panel shared some excellent feedback about this but also expressed an interest in what could be achieved if more money had been raised. It wasn’t possible to include this content in the ASU but we’re looking at how we might be able to share information about this in future communications.

After working with the Online Panel, Sam, project lead, said:

“the ASU should show people that, thanks to their support, we are beating cancer. The feedback we received from the Online Panel has made sure this year’s report reflects the voices and opinions of those who matter most – our supporters. I’m so grateful to you for having taken the time to read the report and share your thoughts. I hope you feel proud of what we’ve achieved together and that you enjoy reading this annual celebration of our collective success. Thank you.“

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