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Our Free Will Service allows anyone over 18 to easily write or update a simple Will for free.

Whether you would like to write your Will in person, online or over the phone, we partner with best-in-class solicitors and Will-writing providers to give you expert support.

Your local solicitor

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Write or update your Will with one of our partnered solicitors. You can find your local solicitor online or call our team on 0300 123 7733

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A man using the free will service is sat at his kitchen table on his laptop, updating his will online from the comfort of his home on his own.

Use Farewill and Co-op Legal Services online in England and Wales. Wills by Brodies are available in Scotland. 


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Wills by Brodies


Over the phone

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Use Co-op Legal Services in England and Wales over the phone. Hunt solicitors are available to supporters in Northern Ireland. 

Hunt Solicitors: Call directly 0289 042 8600

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How leaving a gift in your Will supports research


Illustration of cells

Could buy a diamond knife to slice through cells, allowing us to study them closely to find new ways to target cancer's weak spots. 



Illustration of a microscope

Could fund one week of our Add Aspirin clinical trial into stopping cancer coming back after treatment 


15% of a £400,000 estate

Illustration of DNA

Could buy a DNA-sequencing machine that allows our scientists to analyse a huge amount of DNA very quickly, helping them to learn more about cancer 


I will continue to fight cancer until I pass away, so why not continue to fight cancer when I am gone - Jo, Pledger

Jo, one of our pledgers

I decided to leave a gift in my Will to Cancer Research UK and used the Free Will Service. I am leaving a gift because we have been fighting cancer as a family since my wife Sue was diagnosed in 1993. She was diagnosed with phaeochromocytoma in 1993 and given six months to live. Fortunately, Sue was able to have a radioactive treatment. The treatment allowed her to live a normal life, bringing up the children and going back to work until she sadly passed away in 2003.

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