Free Will Service

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What is the Free Will Service?

Our Free Will Service allows anyone 18+ to easily write or update a simple Will for free.

Most people who use the service pledge a gift to Cancer Research UK. Their support is helping to beat cancer for future generations.

How you can write or update your Will with us

If you require an urgent Will, highlight this at the earliest opportunity when you speak to any of our Will-writing providers.


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Find your local solicitor

Write or update your Will with one of our nationwide partnered solicitors.

Most of our solicitors can offer guidance over the phone, please contact the firm for more information.

or call our team on 0300 123 7733
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Write your Will in 30 minutes with professional support from Farewill. Available to supporters in England and Wales. Use code 'CRUKFREE' at checkout. 


Write your Will online with Co-op Legal Services, then finalise the details with an expert over the phone. Available in England and Wales.


Write your Will with Co-op


If you are based in Scotland, start your Will online with Wills by Brodies and get a follow up call to discuss and finalise your Will.

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Over the phone

Write your Will over the phone with an expert from Co-op Legal Services.  Available to supporters in England and Wales.

Call 0330 606 9627

Or if you are based in Northern Ireland, write your Will over the phone with Hunt Solicitors. 
Call 0289 042 8600 (Choose option 3)

Ensuring your Will is valid

There are certain requirements that a Will must meet, to ensure it is valid.

  • Your Will must be on paper, a ‘soft’ copy of your Will on a computer is not valid
  • Your Will must be signed by you, in the presence of two witnesses, who also sign your Will in your presence 
  • These witnesses can be anyone over 18, neither can be a beneficiary of your Will, nor the spouse or civil partner of a beneficiary of your Will
  • These witnesses do not need to read your Will or be aware of its contents

Find more information on the Citizens Advice website here.

Administering a Will or paying in donations

Email or phone us if you have questions around administering a Will or want to pay in a donation.


Phone: 020 3469 8797


Legal guidance after a diagnosis

We understand that planning your affairs, particularly after a significant change in your health, can be an overwhelming time, especially with all the various legal tasks to consider, which can leave people unsure of where to begin. That’s why Cancer Research UK are offering the Legal Guidance Service to people organising their legal affairs. We're working with a team of trusted solicitors to help guide you through these tasks, making the process as simple and easy as possible. Anyone using our service will get a free 60-minute consultation with a solicitor, will be able to write a simple Will for free and will also get a discount towards other legal services they may require.


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Inheritance Tax Relief

Currently, if your estate is worth more than £325,000, the executors of your Will may have to pay inheritance tax at 40%.  A way of reducing this bill is to leave 10% or more of your estate to charity as you may then qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax (36% rather than 40%) giving you more control over your own money.

You can calculate your predicted inheritance tax liability, and how this can be reduced with a gift to charity using the government’s inheritance tax calculator

Inheritance tax can be complicated, so if you think that your estate might need to pay it, it makes sense to get professional advice.