Elliot's Story

Elliot was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in September 2013.  

Dad David explained, “He has never moaned or complained once during his chemotherapy, even though he is petrified of needles. Elliot’s own words were, 'I’ve got cancer, I’ve got to have treatment for it, and I AM going to get over it’. He is remarkable, and we are so proud of him."  

Elliot, now 19, took part in a CRUK-funded trial, called Euronet PHL-LP1, as part of his treatment. This trial was investigating a kinder treatment regime for children and young people with a certain type of Hodgkin Lymphoma, to reduce long-term side effects.  

In the last two years, Elliot has had a couple of scares that had the family worried, but all the tests have fortunately come back as clear.  

He is now nearing the end of his time at college. He said, “Even though I decided to hold back a year because of the treatment, it has all flown by and I am starting to look for an apprenticeship - it all seems to have gone so quickly!”