Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens fundraising assets

Download our fundraising materials for helpful tips and inspiration on how to organise, decorate and run your fundraising event.

Fundraising Brochure

Get hold of the Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens fundraising brochure, where you can find fundraising tips and ideas, and learn how the money you will raise will help make a difference.


Money Return Form

Send us your completed Money Return Form along with the money you have raised for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, and we will make sure that your money gets to us safely.


Sponsorship Form

Get any sponsors that helped you on your fundraising journey to fill in their details, and send us the completed form. 



With the help of these colourful and fun posters you can spread the word about your fundraising event. 



You can easily create your very own Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens bunting with our printable template, to give some extra decoration to your fundraising event.


Harley's story

"Harley’s had such a lot to deal with but he just takes it in his stride."

- Mum, Stacey

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