Centre for Drug Development: Partnership opportunities

We deliver progress through partnership

Partnership is key to achieving our ambitions. We have a number of flexible business models that allow us to collaborate effectively with you.

We can offer you full support to progress your new therapeutic agent in to an early phase clinical trial, including:

  • Expert in-house scientists and clinicians to translate your idea into the clinic
  • Full drug development capabilities, including IMP manufacture
  • Sponsor and deliver high quality clinical trials to GCP, GMP and European regulations
  • Access to a network of oncology experts and clinical sites through the ECMC Network
  • A partnership that values your continued input and expertise

All potential projects are reviewed confidentially by our New Agents Committee.

If you are a scientist or clinician interested in developing a commercial asset we would be very interested to hear from you.


Academic Sponsorship

Academic sponsorship, through our Drug Development Projects, offers full preclinical and clinical development of promising anti-cancer agents originating from academic research. We’re interested in sourcing first in class, first in human novel agents into our portfolio. 

Although our clinical trials are conducted in the UK, our academic partners are based around the world. If you have a cutting-edge oncology therapeutic, then we would like to work with you to develop it, even if you are based outside the UK.

Clinical Development Partnerships

The CDP scheme aims to increase the number of new treatments for cancer patients by taking more novel oncology agents into clinical development. CDP brings promising anti-cancer agents, which companies are otherwise unable to develop, into clinical trials.

CDP offers companies an alternative path for clinical development. It provides a unique opportunity to work with us, and enables companies to realise the full potential of their oncology pipelines for the benefit of people with cancer. We are looking to partner with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who require resource, capabilities or expertise to develop new agents for the treatment of cancer.

CDP model overview

  • You grant us a license to undertake a clinical trial
  • You retain background IP
  • We progress preclinical and early clinical development at no upfront cost to you
  • Trials are run through the ECMC Network
  • You have a first option to licence the clinical trial data
  • Projects are carried out on a shared risk/reward basis

Since its formation, CDP has seen 18 treatments enter the programme, with 13 currently in active development.



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We're looking to partner with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic scientists who require resource, capabilities or expertise to develop new agents for the treatment of cancer.

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Although we considered IMA950 very promising, our small company was lacking the internal resources to start clinical development of the vaccine. The CRUK Centre for Drug Development made it possible to perform an extensive multicentre trial.

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