EPSRC: working in partnership to deliver multidisciplinary research

In collaboration with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), we’re bridging the gap between cancer researchers and scientists from engineering and physical science disciplines to spark fresh insights in the fight against cancer.

As the leading UK funding agency for engineering and physical sciences, EPSRC’s expertise and scientific networks offer huge opportunities to advance our understanding of cancer biology along with how to detect, treat and prevent the disease. Together we have co-funded Cancer Imaging Centres and Programmes in the UK, Multidisciplinary Project Awards to unite researchers from a wide range of different scientific backgrounds, and sandpit workshops in early detection to catalyse new research connections in a rapidly developing field.

Why we formed this partnership

Our partnership with the EPSRC recognises that cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise is crucial in moving scientific research forward to unlock new discoveries. By working together and combining the unique strengths of both our organisations we can facilitate significant progress that could not be achieved by either of us alone.

Shared research areas of interest for both organisations include:

  • Medical imaging – investigating new techniques and technologies that can improve our ability to identify and analyse cancer in the body.
  • Mathematical modelling – utilising innovative computational tools and data analytics to develop new resources for clinicians when detecting, diagnosing and treating cancer.
  • Drug delivery technologies – harnessing recent advances in nanotechnology and medicinal chemistry to develop new ways of delivering drugs to highly specific targets within the body.

How we operate

Adopting a flexible and open approach to this partnership has allowed both partners to develop a variety of collaborative initiatives together, each of which is tailored to meet a specific goal and offer targeted support for distinct sections of our research communities. The range of our initiatives includes:

  • Infrastructure funding to help build a cancer imaging community
  • Project awards to encourage collaborations across a variety of technology and cancer problems
  • Networking opportunities and seed funding for nascent research fields such as early detection

On an administrative level, CRUK and EPSRC are both involved in the application review process and subsequent assessments of our joint funded initiatives. Day-to-day administration of research grants is overseen by CRUK, with both organisations contributing towards the overall strategic direction of each individual funding scheme.

Our initiatives and impact

Greg Harding / CRUK Manchester Institute

Multidisciplinary Project Awards

Together we are committing up to £25 million towards our Multidisciplinary Project Awards, and have supported leading research into cancer imaging at locations all over the UK. This work is advancing our understanding of cancer – from how cancer cells migrate throughout the body to new ways of improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy – and is helping to drive forward progress so that we can benefit more patients sooner.

Innovation Workshop

Innovation in early detection

We're working with both the EPSRC and the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to drive innovation in technology for the early detection of cancer. Our sandpit workshops catalyse new collaborations and research ideas, with the best projects receiving a seed funding grant.

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Cancer Imaging Initiative

Our Cancer Imaging Initiative invested approximately £80 million between 2008 and 2018 to establish four Cancer Imaging Centres, in Cambridge, London, Oxford and Manchester. This funding enabled the host institutions to develop their imaging infrastructure, form new collaborations, and establish ongoing multidisciplinary research programmes.

CRUK contact details

If your organisation would like to find out more about research partnership opportunities with us, please contact:

Rachael Barber, Senior Partnerships ManagerRachael Barber

Head of Strategic Partnerships (Non-Commercial)


+44 (0) 20 3469 6907

Our research partnerships

We partner with like-minded organisations from across the academic, not-for-profit, government and private sectors to deliver mutually beneficial collaborations, from large-scale co-funding of projects and infrastructure to joint workshops and conferences.

Achieving more through working in partnership

Working in partnership

In Pioneering Research, our annual research publication, we look at how we create mutually beneficial partnerships that support our own research objectives and those of our partners.