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Cancer screening is meant for healthy people with no symptoms at all. Screening looks for early signs that could indicate cancer is developing. It can help spot cancers at an early stage, when treatment is more likely to be successful and the chances of survival are much better. In some cases, it can even prevent cancers from developing at all, by picking up early changes that can then be treated to stop them turning into cancer.

Screening is for people with no symptoms to pick up cancers (or precancerous changes) before symptoms have a chance to develop. It is important for people to recognise what is normal for them and speak to their GP if they notice any unusual changes, as offering screening at certain age ranges does not mean that someone with symptoms shouldn't be offered appropriate tests.

We regularly respond to consultations by the UK National Screening Committee regarding new and improved screening programmes. We welcome the recent call for new screening topics. Developing standardised processes for how evidence and research is gathered for new screening technologies is vital to improve and optimise our screening programmes. As this is the inaugural year of the annual call for new topics, we support this process continuing so there is a clear avenue to submit findings from the research we fund.

CRUK joint statement in support of World Health Organisation's global strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer (2020)

CRUK response to the Sir Mike Richards review of cancer screening programmes (2019)

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