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What does ECMC mean?
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What does ECMC mean?

ECMC stands for Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. There are 20 centres in the UK that have ECMC status. They are specialist centres doing lots of research into new cancer treatments. There are both adult and children's cancer centres in the network.

The aim is to bring together cancer doctors, research nurses and lab scientists to make clinical trials of new treatments quicker and easier.

The ECMC initiative was started in 2007 and is funded by Cancer Research UK, the National Institute for Health Research in England and the Departments of Health of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The centres use the money to run trials of new and experimental treatments.

They also analyse thousands of blood samples and tissue samples (biopsies) to help find out more about how treatments work and what happens to cancer cells.

There is more information about the network and the sort of research the centres are doing on the ECMC website.

Visit the ECMC website

More information about ECMC trials

We are working closely with the centres to provide information about ECMC trials on our clinical trials database. ECMC trials are mostly small phase 1 trials and phase 2 trials looking at new treatments. 

You can search for plain English information about ECMC trials on our clinical trials database.

Many trials looking at experimental treatments are for people with different types of cancer, rather than just one. We include these trials in the 'all types of cancer' category rather than under each individual cancer type.

You need to speak to your own doctor if you find information about a trial you think you’d like to take part in. Your doctor will need to get in touch with the doctors running the trial if it looks like you may be able to join.

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