A study to develop a communication training package for radiographers (FORECAST 2)

Please note - this trial is no longer recruiting patients. We hope to add results when they are available.

Cancer type:

Breast cancer





This study is to see if a training package for radiographers helps people with worries about their cancer coming back. 

It is open to women who are having radiotherapy for breast cancer at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre. 

More about this trial

After treatment for breast cancer people often fear or worry that the cancer might come back, get worse or spread to another part of their body. This is called fear of cancer recurrence. 

Fear of cancer recurrence can affect your health by increasing levels of anxiety, depression and distress. Researchers are looking for ways to lower this fear before it gets too bad. 

We know from research that people who talk about these concerns have a lower level of fear and worry that their cancer might come back.  

In this study researchers have developed a communication training package for radiographers Open a glossary item. They did this with the help of patients and radiographers. 

The radiographers would use the package during their weekly review appointments with the patients.  

The aims of this study are to find out if:

  • using the communication package does lower the level of fear of cancer recurrence
  • using the package is possible and acceptable to both the radiographer and patient
  • it is possible to do a larger randomised trial Open a glossary item

Who can enter

The following bullet points list the entry conditions for this study. Talk to your doctor or the study team if you are unsure about any of these. They will be able to advise you. 

Who can take part

You may be able to join this study if the following apply. 
You are:

  • a woman 
  • having radiotherapy for breast cancer 
  • at least 18 years old

Trial design

This is a feasibility study. The study team need 74 people to take part. 

During treatment you see your radiographer each week as usual. These appointments are recorded by the study team. 

You fill in a few questionnaires at:

  • the start of treatment
  • during treatment
  • the end of treatment

The questions are about:

  • your concerns about cancer  
  • your feelings

Every day during treatment you also fill in a diary. This asks 3 questions about your cancer concerns. You can do this either on paper or as an app on a smart phone. 

A member of the study team will phone you 6 to 8 weeks after the end of treatment to see how you are.  

Hospital visits

There are no extra hospital visits if you take part in this study. 

Side effects

Filling in the questionnaires about your cancer concerns might cause some distress. If this happens do tell a member of the team so they can help you. 

Recruitment start:

Recruitment end:

How to join a clinical trial

Please note: In order to join a trial you will need to discuss it with your doctor, unless otherwise specified.

Please note - unless we state otherwise in the summary, you need to talk to your doctor about joining a trial.

Chief Investigator

Professor Gerald Humphris

Supported by

Breast Cancer Now
University of St Andrews Medical School

Freephone 0808 800 4040

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Please note - unless we state otherwise in the summary, you need to talk to your doctor about joining a trial.

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