A study about how women with breast cancer and women who do not have cancer spend their time

Please note - this trial is no longer recruiting patients. We hope to add results when they are available.

Cancer type:

Breast cancer





This study is for both women with breast cancer and women who don’t have cancer. The researchers want to find out how women spend their time on daily activities and how they would prefer to spend their time.

More about this trial

Having breast cancer can change what you think is important and how much time you spend on things each day. 

In this study you fill in a questionnaire asking about:

  • any paid work you do
  • work you do around the house
  • looking after your children, other members of the family or someone else
  • any voluntary work you do
  • your leisure time and what you do to relax

The study team are asking women who have or had breast cancer, and women who have not had cancer. They will compare their answers to understand how women balance their time between their daily activities. The researchers will focus on:

  • how women decide to spend more or less time on an activity 
  • trying to work out the value of time in terms of money
  • comparing the preferences of women with and without cancer

You won’t get any direct benefit from taking part in this study. But your answers could identify the social policies needed to help women do what they want with their time. 

For example, women with breast cancer might prefer part-time work so they have a better balance between health, work and life. The answers from the survey might make it possible for social policy to allow more flexible working patterns so women can do this.

Who can enter

The following bullet points list the entry conditions for this study. Talk to your doctor or the study team if you are unsure about any of these. They will be able to advise you. 

Who can take part

You may be able to join this study if you are a woman who has or had breast cancer or if you have not had cancer. And you are between 18 and 65 years old. 

Who can’t take part

You cannot join this study if any of these apply. You:

  • are not able to read or write English
  • have a condition such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other condition that can affect your mental health even if it is mild  

Trial design

The study team need the following to join the study:

  • 200 women who have or had breast cancer
  • 200 women who have not had cancer              

You fill in a questionnaire online. The questions ask about:

  • how much time you spend doing different things during the day 
  • how you would prefer to spend your time
  • what you feel about time including your general feeling about time and satisfaction with time spent on each daily activity
  • yourself, such as your education, if you are married or single, your general health, number of people you are living with

It should take around 20 to 25 minutes to complete the questionnaire. 

Hospital visits

There are no hospital visits if you join this study. 

Side effects

There are no side effects from taking part in this study.

Recruitment start:

Recruitment end:

How to join a clinical trial

Please note: In order to join a trial you will need to discuss it with your doctor, unless otherwise specified.

Please note - unless we state otherwise in the summary, you need to talk to your doctor about joining a trial.

Chief Investigator

Ni Gao

Supported by

University Of Aberdeen

If you have questions about the trial please contact our cancer information nurses

Freephone 0808 800 4040

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Please note - unless we state otherwise in the summary, you need to talk to your doctor about joining a trial.

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